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We are a well-established, highly recognized company, and have been cleaning, inspecting, repairing and installing fireplaces for over 30 years. We have sweeps that have been with us for over 10 years and are well trained.


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Safe, Humane, Professional Animal Removal

 At Panhandle Chimney Sweep we genuinely care about wildlife. That is why we humanely trap the animal and move it to another location. Once we have the little critter safely placed in a carrier, we will then inspect your chimney to make sure it did not damage anything. We will clean and fumigate your chimney because animal droppings contain toxins such as histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis which are fugal by-products of the droppings and can cause lung problems especially in someone with a weakened immune system



Our Animal Removal Process

As animal lovers, we pride ourselves in the humane treatment of animals. This drives us to ensure that any and all animals removed by one of our trained professionals are handled with care.

Local Chimney Sweep

Here at Panhandle Chimney Sweeps, we know the Panhandle! Why trust just anyone with your chimney when you can have the experts? Chimney work in the Florida Panhandle is tricky because of the weather and needs of the chimneys in our area of the world.

Chimney Sweeps and Inspections

A chimney is a lovely and welcoming addition to any home. Chimneys must be regularly maintained in order to operate safely. FEMA recommends having your chimney inspected annually. Using your chimney when it is damaged or dirty is not recommended. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that “an estimated 25% of home heating fires are caused by creosote buildup in the chimney.” If you are in need of a chimney sweep or inspection, let our experts help.

Why Choose Us

We value our customers and uphold standards of virtues, Honesty and trustworthiness to name a few. We love and respect our community and it is people like you who make our jobs worth it.

Ensuring the safety of our community brings us joy and you as our neighbors have our promise: Great service.